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‘The Gaping Yawn’

‘Quack No Duck’

‘Expandable Mandible’

‘The Lady With The Metallic Voice’


Live Review ‘Armagideon’ – Louder Than War

‘…It’s a stunning set of tension and release, lyrical bon mots and rhythmic power and imagination with very English melodies entwined around the songs…’

Full review here:

Joe Gideon: Manchester Gullivers – live review



Yip! Beaut Live Review – Newcastle, Cluny 2

‘…Three friends of three nationalities stand on the compact stage. And so the magic begins…’

Full review here:

LIVE REVIEW Joe Gideon @ The Cluny 2, Newcastle (19.02.20)

Great Live Review – ‘Album Launch’ – Joyzine

Live Review: Joe Gideon + Sterling Roswell at Pin Ups, Islington


Superb review for ‘Armagideon’

‘…Armagideon’ stands as an exploration of time, denial and humanity, delivered with a mixture of anger and grace. It never points the finger of blame, but questions our inaction as we scan the skies, or steadfastly stare out to sea for the storm that we seemingly refuse to believe is coming…’

Full review:

Super Review ‘Armagideon’

‘…With an end of the world theme recurring throughout, interspersed with Jim Morrison-like poetry circa American Prayer, these are songs that demand to be listened to and like all classic albums, give up a little more for the listener on each subsequent play…’

Full review here:


EUrope Tour!

Playing shows in EUrope this month with Jim and Gris. Can’t wait! Check out dates for a city near you.

Tix for all shows here:

#Armagideon #JoeGideon Jim Sclavunos Gris-de-Lin

The Gaping Yawn – New Video!

‘The Gaping Yawn’ video out now!

Directed by Luke Ford 👏⚡️🌈🧠

#Armagideon #JoeGideon Jim Sclavunos Gris-de-Lin #AlienBlues


‘ARMAGIDEON’ Out today, Jan 31st!

Out Now!!!!! ☄️🌍💥🐣🐣🐣🐣 Back from the brink and reborn!! 3 and a half years in the making. Me, Jim and Gris are so proud to see it released. Thanks Clouds Hill!!!! for putting it out. See you on the road.

Album & shows here:

Album launch tonight! At PinUps London, The Islington, London

Gig! In a record shop! This Sunday, Jan 26th

Me and the band playing in Bridport, Dorset this Sunday, 26th at the #Clocktowermusic record shop! Free to get in. Might even have a sneaky vinyl or two of the new LP, ahead of ‘Armagideon’ release day, the following Friday, Jan 31st. Can’t wait!

Interview On Soho Radio, January 13th

In case you missed it, here’s the podcast of yesterday’s show. Where I discussed with Jim, amongst other things, the timeliness of trying to summon #SunRa back from the cosmos to save us from ourselves, plus the pizza incident with #SteveAlbini with my old band Bikini Atoll…

Here’s the link:


Today’s show featuring Joe Gideon and Imperial Wax’s Keiron Melling& Pete Greenway is now archived on the Soho Radio Mixcloud for your perpetual listening pleasure. Link below (actual show starts about 3 minutes in) and here’s the playlist:
The Qualities “Happy New Year To You!”
Smoke Fairies “Elevator”
Sun Ra “Rough House Blues”
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “Get Down Get with It”
Lulu Lewis “City Below the Hunter”
Liz Martin Band “Night Time”
Joe Gideon “Eugene Went Crazy”
Sun Ra “Cosmo-Extensions”
Sun Ra “Ancient Aiethiopia”
Joe Gideon “Rule Roost”
Bikini Atoll “Eve’s Rib”
Bikini Atoll “Black Dog”
Joe Gideon & The Shark Civilization”
Joe Gideon & The Shark “I’m Ruined”
Joe Gideon “Expandable Mandible”
Gris-de-Lin “I Won’t Be At The Mercy Of Your Ghost”
Sterling Roswell “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”
Joe Gideon “The Gaping Yawn”
Conway Savage “Only Ghosts”
The Fall “Victoria”
The Fall “Alton Towers”
The Fall “Fol De Rol”
Imperial Wax “The Art of Projection”
Imperial Wax “Bromidic Thrills”

Listen to Jim Sclavunos (13/01/2020) by Soho Radio
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Listen to Jim Sclavunos (13/01/2020) by Soho Radio

Extra Date! 3rd March

3rd March at the Paardcafe, Den Haag (NL)


Ticket Link:


Penny Black Interview

Nice interview here about the trials and triumphs of making my new record……/9484/Joe-Gideon-Interview

Thanks to Benjamin Howarth & Pennyblackmusic

#Armagideon #NewMusic Clouds Hill Jim Sclavunos Gris-de-Lin


***More Live Dates***

🎙🥁🎹***More Live Dates***

Me and my band, Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin, can now confirm dates in the EU! Super-excited to be returning to the continent to play music. Been too long! Tickets for all the dates are on sale now. Just follow the link here…

And spread the word! These’ll be our first and last dates with Jim for a bit before he sets forth around the world with his ‘other band’. Plus, we’ll have vinyl of the new #ARMAGIDEON LP. Only available on the road… Hope to see you soon

UK Tour!!

🎙️🥁🎹 Got a Tour! So happy to tell you that me and my band, Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin will be touring the UK in January and February 2020. Tickets for all dates are on sale now –

We’ll be hitting London, Brighton, Bristol, Exeter, Hastings, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle, playing songs from my new album ‘ARMAGIDEON’, which will be out just in time for the first show. See you all very soon 👁️👁️

Quack No Duck. Official Video!

The official video for my new song ‘Quack No Duck’ is out today. Look out for a special, spectral appearance by Gris-de-Lin. And of course featuring music by Gris and Jim Sclavunos.

Beautifully shot and directed by Phil Wrixton.

Quack No Duck. New Single!


Very happy to share the 3rd and (for now) final single from my upcoming album ‘ARMAGIDEON’ feat. Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin. It’s called ‘Quack No Duck’ and is available on all digital platforms now. Hope you enjoy 🦎 Buy / stream the song here –

‘Armagideon’ is out on 31st January. Pre-order it here –

Special thanks to Josie Ford for animating her beautiful illustrations here in the You Tube link.

UK Tour! Supporting Kevin Morby

Next week! I’ll be sharing the stage with KEVIN MORBY for a mini UK tour in Brighton, London, Leeds and Manchester in November. As promised, Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin will be on band duty for the shows. Very much looking forward to this!

Tickets on sale now ➫
(London is already sold out, so be quick!)

New single! The Gaping Yawn

New single ‘The Gaping Yawn’ is out now!🦎
It’s the second song taken from my forthcoming album ‘Armagideon’ and is available digitally now. Listen to ‘The Gaping Yawn’ –

Pre-order the album and get the single instantly –

‘Box’ revealed! New video

‘Box’ revealed! 📦

Official preposterous video for my song ‘Expandable Mandible’ made by Phil Wrixton, simply entitled, “Box”.

Despite head decapitation, a lot of fun was had making this…

Showcase this Wednesday, September 25th

Excited to be playing this wednesday night!… It’ll be a short 20 minute set from us, and it’s free to get in! Just email to get on the guest list. Showtime 10.10 p.m

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New Single! Expandable Mandible


So happy to share my new song ‘Expandable Mandible’ with you all. It’s getting royally re-released courtesy of my new label, the amazing Clouds Hill. It’s the 1st song taken from my new album, entitled ‘Armagideon’, which is out on 31st January and available for pre-order now. Special thanks to Jim Sclavunos and Gris-de-Lin for recording the tune with me! Be sure to see us all on a stage near you soon…

Listen to ‘Expandable Mandible’ ➫
Pre-order ‘Armagideon’ ➫

New dates!

We got some dates! … Me, Jim and Gris are going to play songs from the new album for the first time here: 

London, Thurs 6th June Future Juke Festival at Dingwalls

Exeter, Saturday 8th June at The Phoenix

Leeds, Sunday 9th June at the Brudenell Social Club

We’re supporting the amazing band #GuadalupePlata

Link to tickets here:

Hope you can make it! 


New Website

Launched today!

New Website

Launched today!


There are currently no forthcoming tour dates


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Released 31st January 2020 on Clouds Hill

  1. Expandable Mandible
  2. The Gaping Yawn
  3. Comet Coming Down
  4. Liquid Sky
  5. Somewhere South
  6. Scaredy Cat
  7. Rule Rosst!
  8. Salty
  9. Quack No Duck
  10. Berit’s Cliff House
  11. Ancient Space Mariner
Songs that switch from tombstone blues to pastoral psychedelia to sparse post-punk to grinding grooves. It’s a stunning set of tension and release, lyrical bon mots and rhythmic power and imagination. Louder Than War
Weird and Wonderful Narc magazine

Versa Vice

Released 13th November 2015 on Bronze Rat Records

  1. Eve’s Rib
  2. Naked Eye
  3. The Lady With The Metallic Voice
  4. Eugene Went Crazy
  5. Rubber Room
  6. Heart Attack Girl
  7. Salvation
  8. The Past Is Never Over
  9. Fearsome
Intensely Spirited Mojo
A Triumph of Freakish Weird! Fatea


Joe Gideon & The Shark

Released 7th January 2013 on Bronze Rat Records

  1. I’m Ruined
  2. Snake Candy
  3. Poor Born
  4. The Insignificant Bullet
  5. You, The Pole & The Rastafarian
  6. Nine Bells Of Hell
  7. Higher Power/Where Have All The Good Times Gone
  8. Freakish
  9. Friday 13
Wickedly Inventive Uncut
Immaculately Deranged The Mirror

Harum Scarum

Joe Gideon & The Shark

Released 8th March 2009 on Bronze Rat Records

  1. Harum Scarum
  2. Civilisation
  3. DOL
  4. Kathy Ray
  5. Johan Was A Painter & Arsonist
  6. Hide & Seek
  7. True Nature
  8. Anything You Love That Much, You Will See Again
  9. Pale Blue Dot
Astonishing NME
It’s Brilliant – 4.5/5 The Sun

Liar’s Exit

Bikini Atoll

Released 6th June 2005 on Bella Union

  1. I Turned A Blind Eye
  2. Bluebeard
  3. Eve’s Rib
  4. Remains
  5. Nervous Wreck
  6. The Conversation
  7. Shark Requiem
  8. Silver Moon
  9. Cement Names
  10. Autumn’s Child
  11. Secret Filming


Bikini Atoll

Released 2nd February 2004 on Bella Union

  1. Moratoria
  2. Then Amplify
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Black River Falls
  5. Black Dog
  6. Cheap Trick
  7. Perfect Method Flawed
  8. Desolation Highway
  9. Clear Water Gravity


In a review for his debut solo album Versa Vice in 2016, Joe Gideon was described as playing “Pithy, powerful, lyrically erudite and observational, post-financial crisis English blues.” (Mike Barnes – Wire)

Joe Gideon first came to wider attention with his band, Bikini Atoll, signed to Bella Union in 2003. The first album, Moratoria, was critically well received, with the lead track ‘Desolation Highway’ (described by The Independent as “…an awesome, soul-searching slice of sprawling Americana”) featured in the film My Little Eye. Their second album Liar’s Exit, recorded with Steve Albini and released through Bella Union in 2005, received glowing reviews from the likes of NME and Q magazine.

Soon after, Joe decided to hone his craft as a songwriter and lyricist and formed Joe Gideon & The Shark, a two-piece band with his sister Viva. Their debut album, Harum Scarum, released in 2009 on Bronzerat Records, achieved rave reviews and a rare 6-stars-out-of-5 review in Time Out magazine, with reviewer Bella Todd observing, “To be funny and moving at the same time is one thing, but their combination of true grit and grace is rarer still.” Joe Gideon & The Shark toured with Seasick Steve and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to packed venues across the UK; but by the time their second album, Freakish came out in 2012, also to great reviews, Joe and Viva had decided to move on.

Having made friends with Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos on tour, Joe invited Jim to contribute drums to his debut solo LP, Versa Vice. Released in 2016 also on Bronzerat, this under-the-radar release nonetheless elicited raves from blogs & online press, including Joyzine (“A dark but rewarding trip into the shadowy corners of the human mind”) and Penny Black Music (“A master class in minimalism”).

And now, Joe has teamed up with the Clouds Hill Label and, ahead of the release of his upcoming new album,  due early 2020, Joe has returned with a brand-new single ‘Expandable Mandible’. The track, produced by Jim Sclavunos, (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Grinderman), is available for airplay following its release on 13thSeptember 2019.

The new record was written and recorded with Jim and band mate Gris-De-Lin. Joe, Gris and Jim play all the instruments in the densely layered arrangements, which include an army of saxophones, an antique piano, a cranky old synth-vibraphone rescued from the dumpster, heavenly choirs and a menagerie of percussion instruments. The new single is a statement of intent ahead of the new album release — the listener can look forward to Joe’s ruminations on, amongst other things, time travel, primordial bliss and reptile people.



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